Frequently Asked Questions


Why is our natural soap better than commercial soap?

Commercial soap is often made with animal fat, obtained from slaughterhouses, and contains synthetic fragrance and dye. Glycerine is extracted from the soap and chemicals are added to make the soap lather. (Crazy, right?) Then, commercial soap companies turn around and use that glycerine in skin moisturizers, which you need because they removed the glycerine in the first place, leaving your skin dry and in need of a moisturizer. The detergents used in commercial soap are often petroleum based that strip your skin, leaving your skin dry and irritated. Handmade natural soap cleanses without stripping or damaging your skin.

The chemicals that go down your drain end up in your drinking water, sooner or later. Our soap is safe and earth friendly - from nature, back to nature.


What is Glycerine?

Glycerine is a humectant which means it draws moisture from the air to your skin, leaving your skin soft and moisturized. Glycerine is naturally occurring in cold proccess soap.


What is cold proccess soap?

This is soap that is handmade and produced, through the saponification proccess.


What is saponification?

Saponification is the name given to the chemical reaction by which lye reacts with fats and oils to make soap. Through saponification, the lye is completely gone.


Will the lye hurt my skin?

No, after saponification, no lye is left in our soap. Our soap is tested "on humans", we use our soap extensively before selling it.


Why does soap need to cure?

When curing, the water in the soap slowly evaporates which hardens the bar. A hard bar will last much longer. Curing also makes soap more gentle.


How long does soap need to cure?

Four to six weeks.


How can I make my soap last?

Use an open bottom strainer style soap dish and keep your soap out of the water stream and direct sunlight. Store unused soap in a dark and cool place.


How long will my soap last?

We do not use preservatives. Our soap will last a year, but we recommend using our soap within six months to fully enjoy the scent of our natural essential oils.


Is KURE 365 soap good for sensitive skin?

We highly recommend you try our handmade soap. All our soaps have natural beneficial oils and glycerine that moisturize your skin. KURE 365 does not use synthetics, dyes, preservatives or petroleum based products. Our process produces a very mild soap that is excellent for people with sensitive skin.


Is KURE 365 soap tearless?

No, real soap is never tearless and should be kept out of the eyes. KURE 365 does not use numbing agents as commerials soap manufacturers do.


Does KURE 365 offer other products?

Our product line and mission is focused on making safe, natural and organic essential skin care products. Next up to the soap shop is a new unscented soap for extra sensitive skin followed by an organic lip balm. Stay connected with our new products by subscribing to our newsletter. 


Does KURE 365 offer scents like coconut, vanilla, strawberry?

We only use natural essential oils from plants, trees and flowers. We do not use synthetic scents, better known as fragrance oils, that are made in a lab. Coconut, vanilla and strawberry are not suited for distillation to make essential oil. We are committed to keeping our products as natural as possible.