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Rosemary for the hair.....such a blessing. Helps with growth and promotes a healthy scalp. Rose mist, on my face feels amazing. I have bad roseasa and this spray makes my face feel so good!!! Love these products so much!!!

Bennie B.

This is by far THE BEST soap I have ever used! I love the exfoliation and clean rinse it provides and it makes my home smell like the spa! Thank you for the amazing, natural products for maintaining healthy skin!

Lea C.

I might be addicted to your soaps! They smell & feel so good!!! Plus, I've noticed a lot of my skin irritations have gone bye-bye! Yay!!!!! Thank you, thank you!

Amie K.

The Rosemary Mist has changed skin's life. My face is clear and I no longer feel I HAVE to use makeup. Truly a magical product and a must have essential. Thank you! 

Miranda B.

I just got my Clary Sage Lotion! My hands get so dry and cracked, they bleed and hurt! This was the first time I put lotion on my hands and it didn't burn and make my hands more red! I'm in love with this lotion! It smells amazing too! 

Stacy H.

Warming Winter Soap

About KURE 365

Our Roots

KURE 365 was founded by one woman's idea that while we can't control all the toxicities in life, we can control what we put on our skin.

Looking to the natural world, KURE 365 set off to make skin care essentials that are not only non-toxic, but that nourish the skin like a clean diet nourishes the body. 

"By doing the right thing for ourselves, we also do the right thing for Mother Nature." Join me in our #livelesstoxic movement.

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